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Who am I?


My name is Annabella and I help people with their speeches. I have plenty of experience in performance, public speaking, improvised comedy, speech-writing, coaching, and general morale-boosting (some say too much). I have a degree in English and Anthropology which is handy. If you are having trouble with your speech I am impartial and might just be the person to help. We will test out different ideas and I’ll give you some tips in order for you to improve. Please have a look at my testimonials.

How I can help you

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No matter what stage your speech is at, it is not necessary that I know the groom in order to help you. It’s all about the delivery! That said, it’s all kind of linked so I will help you with the speech itself (- if it is effective in the right way to a stranger it will definitely be a crowd pleaser!) As well as this I’ll teach you about best man speech etiquette, give you ideas on how to relax, practise and deliver what the crowd want.

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In one two-hour session (in person or over Skype) I will coach you in breathing and most importantly effective delivery, and how to get rid of your nerves. I will teach you how to enjoy giving the speech rather than losing sleep over it. You could end up as know-it-all as that beardy guy.

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I can give you the confidence you need. If you deliver a great speech the ladies will love you. (This is not guaranteed and we do not offer a refund if this does not happen). A fantastic speech will also make the bride and groom very happy. 100% success rate guaranteed! 

As well as speechwriting I also offer: individual communication coaching - from interviewees to CEOs; group coaching; graduate coaching; pitching and presentations; help to young people finding their voice. I believe in authentic communication.




“Even though I left it to the last minute, it was such a great help." - Ed (Groom), London
"Not sure what I would have done had I not found your website!" - Simon, Glos
"In the 2 hours I spent with Annabella, we produced a best man speech that will go down in the history books. And when I say we, I mean Annabella. She asked questions, prompted stories and put together everything I wanted to say in a way that was slick, charismatic and hilariously witty. She gave me the confidence to produce a speech that helped make the day so special for so many people.” - Mike McEwan, London
"The speech went really well, to the extent that people were coming up to me after saying how impressed they were with how it came across. Plenty of laughing too! I will definitely recommend you to friends and if ever I have a speech to do again I will let you know!" Nick Hollick, Warwickshire
“Not bad for a girl who's never done a best man speech! Really good – helped me with my stutter and huge fear of public speaking. I really didn’t want to do a speech if truth be told (don’t even like the guy) but I actually quite enjoyed it. Two hours well spent! Highly recommended.” - Thomas, London
“I was sceptical, as I am really crap at speeches, but the results were great – people laughed and I snogged a bridesmaid. I needn’t have had sleepless nights after all. She's like a superhero!” - Willy, London
“Thanks for the help with the speech. I manage to do the delivery without messing it up! Everyone said it was very good. Some people came up to me and said they wished I was the best man at theirs! Also the video guy said he went to about 100 weddings and my speech was in the top ten!” – Ken Oiwa, Toyko
“We are so impressed with you and feel that it's worth every penny. Having your fresh perspective has been priceless. You have a rare gift! We will be recommending Help With Best Man Speech to all.” – Lucie Galt & Lachlan McWilliam, Band4Hope Pioneers, TEDx UK 


Book a session!

In one two-hour session I will help you with the content of the speech, coach you in breathing and most importantly effective delivery, and give you tips on how to get rid of nerves. I will teach you how to enjoy giving the speech rather than losing sleep over it. These sessions can be in person or over Skype (you must be fully clothed for this though I do allow pyjamas).

Duration Notes Price
2 hours ending before 6pm £200
2 hours ending between 6pm and 10pm £240
2 hours weekend daytime £240
1 hour any extra hours requested in addition to the initial 2-hour session £90

*Please note: changes to appointments must be made at least 3 days in advance. There is a cancellation fee of £45 if you change the date/time of your appointment in the 72 hrs prior to your confirmed session. (P.s. a hangover does not count as a sudden illness or Act of God)*  


For enquiries or to book a session please email or text +44 786 615 6998. All sessions should be paid for in advance please.